General Concept and Development Strategy
The project is enclosed in a structure with a brunching development perspective. The core is a DAO, which serves to frame the future project's designs. Next is the platform, to account, interact and manage a role in the visualized internal organization's processes. Outer four titles forming vertical and horizontal axes. The vertical axis maintains projects related to the main vector of development(fantasy universe). On the horizontal - Sci-Fi titles that are responsible for greater scalability and adoption. Each game axes have initial projects and may extend.


The decentralized Organization is built on top of AU legacy, with its own ecosystem provided by the decentralized Application, to maintain the development process and decentralized economy of the corporation.


The titles settled on the same axis has a direct connection, as occurs on the same planet, so they can operate with the same NFT without destructing the integrity of narration. The titles from different axes are separated by space and time in the metaverse.