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Hierarchy of current Projects
The studio, creator, and the host of creations resembled by domain assembleutopia.com. Established by anonymous in 2015 as the quintessence of a lifelong intention to create the G.A.M.E.(Golden Age of Morgave Eight).
The main role is to translate the vision and to preserve the idea along the creation process. To frame the generous design and give the ability to develop on top and from it.


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Decentralized application as a collaboration environment is a set of tools and approaches to the development process. DApp will account members, conduct polls, track and reward tasks, issue tokens, collect, and process data.

Artificial Intelligence

Embedded in the platform to analyze and participate in the development process. Based on ratings it will learn how to detect vital concepts, make predictions, or even propose its own ideas.
The most important role of future AI is to recognize cheaters and bots. A spread database of player's behavior will allow us to mimic human performance. Incorporated AI agents will help to achieve dynamic balance in complex game situations.


A major game title of the vertical axis focused on territory control. Provide complex ecosystem with real value economy, Proof of Game assets generation, and exchange.


A major game title of the horizontal axis focused on point control. Realizes vast spaces with scarce resources.


A minor game title of the vertical axis focused on single character development. Serve as a lesser environment for machine-learned NPC.


A minor game of the horizontal axis focused on group synergy.
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