Planet Architecture
The future gaming world represented by a stellar body which is a segmented sphere. The sphere consists of 90 segments, which are pillars. At the top of each pillar are a surface with continents. The lower parts of the pillars form a closed spherical space. Each pillar's concave body creates additional space between the surface and the inner sphere. Thus, three isolated layers are formed: the surface, the sinus, and the interior.
Continents have a branched river system that serves as a navigation orient and gameplay maker.
The Bossom of Morgave or the Sinus is a dark and uninhabited place, where the darkest energy transforms or accumulates.
The Inner World is an interstellar architecture of progenitors. It maintains the laws and structure of their homeworld inside the planet. The Inner Sun splits Hinessa's ray to 88 beams, which are then captured and transformed by the individual progenitor, to sustain the inner and outer world.
The central beam is absorbed outside the planet, by the transformed progenitor ToL. During the transformation, the Stone of Progenitor was exploded to shards above the Marmaria.
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