Behind the studio and titles

Is to revive the spirit of pioneering studios at the dawn of the game development age. Discover a new way of efficient cooperation among developers, investors and players, along with creation of environment in which every individual can embody these three roles at once.

Utilize open source development and outsourcing as less expensive approach, which will attract small-cap investors and provide decentralization of founders.

Projects designed as brunched while linked system, to provide maximum flexibility but consistency. Completed projects will supplement and fulfill the development of adjacent ones.

With allowing even beginners to take part in game development, the studio creates the conditions for building of a strong and spread community. Being transparent and open, it may attract enthusiasts with ambitious ideas and solutions.

Planned broad bounty program considering as a catalyst for network effect. Intended system of rewards and proportional distribution from donation pools will grant extra motivation for participants.

The aim is to deliver attractive and deep gameplay that will develop cognitive and moral qualities. Fulfill the existing demand for innovations by offering well known setup with more features and redefined backstory.